Professional Pole Dancing Classes in the Bay Area

Phoenix Aerial Art & Pole offers professional private and group pole dancing classes to the Bay Area. Our classes are designed to fit all skill levels. We also offer a Sunday morning Chi Gong class so that you can get a great workout while enjoying a stress-reducing, relaxing form of moving meditation. Generating a refined mind and body connection will help you to enjoy a fitter, more flexible body and a clearer mind.

Our unique pole dancing classes can provide the following to students of all skill levels:

  • Increase your flexibility
  • Sculpt long, lean muscles
  • Get an intense workout
  • Learn new pole tricks, dance moves, and techniques
  • Develop exceptional core and upper body strength
  • Unleash your inner vixen
  • Have fun!

New to Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole? Try our Introductory Class Package for a 50% discount!

Want to Plan an Unforgettable Party?

Host your next party with us! What better way to have fun and bond with your best girl friends than to enjoy a unique pole dancing class together? We want to make your party truly one-of-a-kind with ninety minutes of music, an engaging pole dancing lesson, pretty things to wear, and much more! Please call Candice @ 706-833-6301 for more info regarding parties.

We have a number of different classes to choose from so that you can learn something new each and every time you visit us. Make sure to try Aerial Conditioning and Contortion and Hand Balancing classes now at Phoenix! For more information on our Bay Area pole dancing classes, give us a call at 510-504-5065.