P1070287Hana Granados is a passionate instructor who is delighted to share her enthusiasm and love for pole dancing with her students. Her goal is to create a space where every student can experience the joy and beauty of pole dancing. She feels strongly that the pole provides a unique center and support, which allows the dancer to engage in expansive movement and deep self-discovery. Hana has been teaching Pole Dance and Fitness since 2011. Her class is a place to share the beauty of your body and spirit and to explore fully every facet of your self. Using the powerful combination of music, movement, and pole she is committed to helping her students gain strength, confidence, and the ability to enjoy all that pole dancing has to offer.

Hana holds a certification in Pole Dance Instruction from X-Pert Pole Fitness and from OC Pole Fitness/Felix Cane inc. as well as being a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with an additional certification in Corrective Exercise.  She is a Registered Nurse and has over three decades of martial arts experience. She holds the rank of 2nd degree black belt in Aikido.


Sifu William F. Lewis has practiced Martial Arts for over 40 years and been teaching since 2061.  Styles include Xing Yi, Ba Gua, Tai Chi, Bok Fu, Pao Chui (Cannon Fist), Chi Gung, Yi Chuan, Acupressure, Chinese, and European Fencing, Judo, Wrestling, and Boxing. William teaches Internal Martial Arts mechanics and principals and also teaches Chi-Gung and Daoist Circle Walking for health benefits and personal well being. William is one of the International Martial Artists featured in the Book, Nei Jia kwan (Internal Martial Arts) and in 2011 he was inducted into the American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He has also appeared in the film, “Equinox”.  He is available  for Seminars, Workshops, and Private Lessons.



Michelle Cordero brings years of yoga, dance and fitness experience to her teaching. She is certified to teach Pole Dance Fitness by OC Pole Dance Fitness/ Felix Cane Inc. and has been a student at S Factor San Francisco for many years. She has been teaching Pole Dance and Fitness since 2010. A very experienced and caring yoga teacher, she is a graduate of three of the most highly respected Yoga Teacher Trainings in the country and is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the highest level, E-RYT500. She is a Certified Forrest Yoga Instructor. Deeply committed to high quality instruction and to evolving her teaching, Michelle continues to study with some of the most accomplished yoga and pole masters in the world including: Ana Forrest, Sarah Powers, Estee Zakar and Zoraya Judd.  A dedicated mover, Michelle holds a Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Dramatic Art, and she believes in movement as both a healing art and as a form of personal expression.  Her sensual movement/pole dance classes are designed to be empowering and fun for all women and to help students at all levels develop greater strength, flexibility and inner awareness.  She is also available for private and semi-private instruction.



Master Lu Yi, world renown Chinese Acrobat and trainer, has spent over 60 years teaching, innovating and pushing the Circus Arts to new levels and greater levels of visibility and accessibility. He has trained and inspired thousands of performers to be their best throughout the world. “No training, no basics. No basics, no trick. No trick, no show. No show, no life!”  Master Lu Yi will provide individual and focused training in traditional Chinese Pole techniques and Hand Balancing.



Xiaohong Weng started training in gymnastics at the age of 7, before he joined the famed Nanjing Acrobatics Troupe. He had 4 years of professional training in gymnastics and was a high level competitive gymnast in China. He joined the circus and learned many traditional Chinese acrobatics acts, such as Chinese Pole, Chair-balancing, Hoop Diving, Chinese Lion Dance, and Partner Hand-balancing. As a skilled tumbler and hand-balancer, Xiaohong has performed extensively in China, the USA, and internationally. Since 2004 he has been a senior instructor at Circus Center. He currently performs with Jennings McCown in an elegant double hand-to-hand acrobatics act.




Danielle Isadora Butler is a vertical story teller.  She is a performer, teacher and circus theorist.  She discovered this in 2008 when her passion for creating surreal art, movement and stories converged in circus.  Since then Danielle has bent her body and will to the study of aerials, hand balancing, partner acrobatics, physical theater and dance.  As an accomplished aerialist Danielle combines brutish strength, seamless transitions and unique choreography in the creation of her solo tissue, rope and lyra acts.   Danielle is an avid collaborator, lending her body and brain to dance, circus and photography projects, including Christine Germaine’s The Cloud Factory, Willy Woggle Circus’ Alice in Wonderland and The Vespertine Circus’ Important Business.  Since 2010 she has been teaching kids and adults in the San Francisco Bay area and giving workshops across the country.


Kirsten Gerding has been moving in one form or another from the time she learned to crawl and she has been teaching Pole Dance and Fitness since 2009.  At the early age of 12 Kirsten started teaching dance at her hometown studio and by 14 she was one of the head teachers. She continued her own study of dance at the esteemed Baltimore School For the Arts in Maryland and upon graduation Kirsten moved to NYC to pursue her dance/theater career. Shortly after moving to NYC, Kirsten started touring the USA and Canada, in productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar, A Chorus Line, and Cabaret thus earning her spot in Actor’s Equity Association. 

Not only a Pole Artist, these days Kirsten is quite the Chanteuse and on stage is generally known as “Mz K”. She is a soloist and corp member of San Francisco’s amazing Vau De Vire Society and has her own group, known as Ze SexBombe Danzuers!  In 2014 Kirsten started to compete and has won several Pole awards including Dramatic Pole Theatre 2015 (amateur). Kirsten emphasizes the importance of core strength with her students, especially as it relates to creating a strong and resilient body with flow and grace. She is an Ellie Herman Certified Pilates Instructor as well as TRX Certified. With such an extreme background in dance combined with her knowledge of Pilates her teaching style tends to be both challenging and fun. Kirsten  is extremely grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with others every day doing what she truly loves to do!”

294430_10150426345669880_1767682533_nIsabella Granados is an enthusiastic and upbeat instructor with a talent for making beginning pole movements fun and accessible for everyone. She has been teaching since 2012 and her focus is on being patient  and paying attention to details so that everyone has a great time and is able to meet their goals.









Natalie Rhae Briggs was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and spent much of her childhood, high school and college years as an international competitive gymnast. Her freshman year at Cal, she was a member of Cal’s Club Gymnastics Team and competed balance beam and floor exercise at the 2011 NAIGC Nationals in Richmond, VA. Since 2007, Natalie has also been one of a few handpicked choreographers for Precision Choreography, an artistic movement company based out of Los Angeles.  In 2008, Natalie went abroad to Barcelona, Spain for a year and there, found her passion for contemporary dance and movement. At the ripe age of 17, she received her certification as a Registered Yoga Instructor and taught hatha yoga at a studio in Glendale, CA (Yoga at the Village) for a year.  Natalie began her amazing ‘pole-tastic’ journey at Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole in December 2011 with Hana, and has been ‘poling’ ever since, and teaching since 2012. She is X-PERT Certified and also has experience in aerial acrobatics, specifically tissue and still trapeze. In October 2012, she made her debut performance at the annual Masquerotica Halloween event in San Francisco with Mz K and her troupe Sexbombe Kabaret. Natalie is also completing a Bachelors degree in Linguistics with a minor in Dance and Performance Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.10152621_725043074193544_1938855066_n


Chesaray Banda is a pole instructor with a flair for sensual and exotic movements. She incorporates her background in Tahitian and hula dancing into her class and her love of all different genres of music. She stresses and teaches the importance of control of your powerhouse (the pelvic floor) and wants each student to feel sexy and confident through learning how to move both exotically and sensually. With a background in marital arts and other competitive sports she also brings plenty of strength and energy into the studio. She has been teaching Pole Fitness and Dance since 2014 and she pays extra attention to conditioning and proper form during the exercises in her class. She wants her students to feel added strength along with finding new sexual confidence.


Leah Coleccia was enrolled in her first ballet class at the tender age of three. She grew up with a bun of hair on her head and a pair of point shoes thrown over her shoulders. She attended Denver School of the Arts for high school and graduated early to start on her bachelor’s degree in Biology. All the way through college she danced but it was not until four years past academia that she found herself on stage singing and acting along with her dancing. Over night she became a triple threat, staring in the production of Rocky Horror Show as Janet. She then went on to perform in and choreograph a production of HAIR. She has continued to act, dance and sing but is currently performing with a circus company, training for aerial acrobatics and contortion. Leah has been teaching Pole Dance and Fitness since 2014. She is a instructor and performer by night and a photographer by day. She loves to capture beautiful women in photo shoots whether it is pin up, burlesque, boudoir, glamor or fashion and specializes in theatrical event photography.


Candis McFalls has been Dancing since early childhood and training in pole performance since 2009, and teaching pole dance and fitness since 2010. She began her training in Memphis, TN and has continued here with us after moving to the Bay Area.  Her movements are fueled by her desire to display the beauty of strength in aerial fitness, and combined with her extensive dance background to bring a unique element to her performance.  Her experience includes teaching intro and multi level  Pole classes as well as instruction for private parties.  Her parties include elements from pole, burlesque and go-go dancing. Her motto: Everybody has a beautiful body, and every body is sexy.



Sasha Berleman’s love of pole started early. All through elementary and middle school, every day, without fail, Sasha could be found dedicated to the fun and challenges of the monkey bars and gym bars at all recesses. Nothing could peel her away. At 12 years old, dancing became Sasha’s primary mode of self-expression – initially venturing into ballet, jazz, and modern dance with fervor. In her first three years of college, she took up competitive ballroom dance, including waltz, salsa, rumba, fox-trot, and some tango, winning third place in a national competition on UC Berkeley’s ballroom team for the Latin dance category. After graduating college and being limited for a year to the joys of dancing in her own home, Sasha came to the art of pole, and instantly fell in love. Sasha has been playing with the art of pole since August 2011, and it changed her life. Sasha has been teaching Pole Dance and Fitness since 2014. She is dedicated to sharing the empowerment and personal strength that pole can bring to people’s lives, Sasha loves teaching beginning pole classes and helping people find their strongest, most beautiful versions of themselves.

Gemma Curie started taking dance classes in her early teens. She has been trained in ballet, modern, jazz and Elle Aime Photography by Leah Marie - Gemma Pole Dance-11been exposed to many other types of dance as well as performed in various styles of performing arts. She maintained her devotion to exploring different dance forms throughout her college education and happily stumbled on pole dancing, and immediately fell in love. Gemma has been teaching Pole Dance and Fitness since 2014 and loves teaching this wonderful art form. She aims to help everyone to find a way to creatively explore and create a strong foundation in pole basics.

Kirstin Brown has been dancing for over 20 years, and teaching since 2000. She has a strong background in jazz, ballet, modern and belly dance and she enjoys incorporating all of these styles into her pole classes.  She firmly believes that dance is meant to be enjoyed and is an opportunity for freedom of expression.  She likes to create a safe and fun environment where students can learn technique as well as learning how to express themselves.  She currently performs with Rockabelly Belly Dance, Up Swing Aerial Dance Company, and at various Pole Competitions and venues in and around the Bay Area.  She is excited to share her love and enjoyment of pole dance with  her students, and wants to help them get the most out of their classes.