Kathy Anne has a passion and a gift for holistic physical education. She enjoys bringing together movement and dance with philosophy, psychology, and mythology. She is especially curious about the interplay of sexy dancing and women’s spirituality, and she sees the world of pole as a playful medium in which to explore sacred erotic embodiment and empowerment. Kathy Anne teaches a practice of deliciously slow, sensual, and fluid improvisational movement that fosters emotional connection, embodied presence, joyful vitality, and the confidence that comes from loving our authentic, erotic, and uniquely beautiful selves.

Jeana Pfeifer is a fun, passionate, classically trained dancer and graduate of Eugene Lang College at The New School, where she earned a B.A. concentrating in Dance and Health Education. While living in NYC, she was very fortunate to study with many of the ballet & modern dance greats and had the pleasure of performing across the city - from burlesque in downtown bars to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. She took her 1st pole class in 2006, completed the elevatED: Pole Teacher Training in 2013 and was invited into the summer training camp at Body & Pole in 2015. Jeana also has a nightlife and club background, giving her a varied & diverse approach to pole movements and technique. Most recently, Jeana has been an Artist in Residence at SAFEhouse ARTS in San Francisco, where she has made work on & off the pole, tackling important themes such as sexuality & Queer Femme identity. She is also a 2016 PSO Exotic silver medalist.  In addition to being a dancer, Jeana has also been a Pilates instructor since 2002. Jeana truly believes in the joy of dance and structures her classes to include everyone on the journey. Whether you want to turn the lights down and slink through some improv, work your pole technique or fly through contemporary choreography - Jeana has the skills to make it fun, accessible and transformative for all. 

Kirstin Brown has been dancing for most of her life, she found aerial dance 5 years ago and fell in love with the concept of creating art in the sky. So when she found pole and the wonderful community surrounding it she knew she found her new home. Kirstin is now the proud owner of Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole! Kirstin has a BA in Theatre Arts from Humboldt State University and she currently performs with Rockabelly and UpSwing Aerial Dance Company. Kirstin is honored to be part of the new company, Flux Vertical Theatre.

Isabella Granados is an enthusiastic and upbeat instructor with a talent for making beginning pole movements fun and accessible for everyone. She has been teaching since 2012 and her focus is on being patient and paying attention to details so that everyone has a great time and is able to meet their goals. Come enjoy  her class and unique style of instruction.

Xiaohong Weng started training in gymnastics at the age of 7, before he joined the famed Nanjing Acrobatics Troupe. He had 4 years of professional training in gymnastics and was a high level competitive gymnast in China. He joined the circus and learned many traditional Chinese acrobatics acts, such as Chinese Pole, Chair-balancing, Hoop Diving, Chinese Lion Dance, and Partner Hand-balancing. As a skilled tumbler and hand-balancer, Xiaohong has performed extensively in China, the USA, and internationally. Since 2004 he has been a senior instructor at Circus Center. He currently performs with Jennings McCown in an elegant double hand-to-hand acrobatics act.

Chesaray Banda is a pole instructor with a flair for sensual and exotic movements. She incorporates her background in Tahitian and hula dancing into her class and her love of all different genres of music. She stresses and teaches the importance of control of your powerhouse (the pelvic floor) and wants each student to feel sexy and confident through learning how to move both exotically and sensually. With a background in marital arts and other competitive sports she also brings plenty of strength and energy into the studio. She has been teaching Pole Fitness and Dance since 2014 and she pays extra attention to conditioning and proper form during the exercises in her class. She wants her students to feel added strength along with finding new sexual confidence.

​Jayde Ci has been dancing since early childhood and training in pole performance since 2009, and teaching pole dance and fitness since 2010. She began her training in Memphis, TN and has continued here with us after moving to the Bay Area. Her movements are fueled by her desire to display the beauty of strength in aerial fitness, and combined with her extensive dance background to bring a unique element to her performance. Her experience includes teaching intro and multi level Pole classes as well as instruction for private parties. Her parties include elements from pole, burlesque and go-go dancing. Her motto: Everybody has a beautiful body, and every body is sexy.

Our Instructors

Hana Granados ​is a passionate instructor who is delighted to share her enthusiasm and love for pole dancing with her students. Hana has been teaching Pole Dance and Fitness since 2011 & is the founder of Phoenix Aerial Art & Pole! Her class is a place to share the beauty of your body and spirit and to explore fully every facet of your self. Using the powerful combination of music, movement, and pole she is committed to helping her students gain strength, confidence, and the ability to enjoy all that pole dancing has to offer. Hana holds a certification in Pole Dance Instruction from X-Pert Pole Fitness and from OC Pole Fitness/Felix Cane inc. as well as being a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with an additional certification in Corrective Exercise. She is a Registered Nurse and has over three decades of martial arts experience. She holds the rank of 2nd degree black belt in Aikido.

Sasha Berleman’s love of pole started early. At 12 years old, dancing became Sasha’s primary mode of self-expression – initially venturing into ballet, jazz, and modern dance with fervor. In her first three years of college, she took up competitive ballroom dance, including waltz, salsa, rumba, fox-trot, and some tango, winning third place in a national competition on UC Berkeley’s ballroom team for the Latin dance category. After graduating college and being limited for a year to the joys of dancing in her own home, Sasha came to the art of pole, and instantly fell in love. Sasha has been playing with the art of pole since August 2011, and it changed her life. Sasha has been teaching Pole Dance and Fitness since 2014. She is dedicated to sharing the empowerment and personal strength that pole can bring to people’s lives, Sasha loves teaching beginning pole classes and helping people find their strongest, most beautiful versions of themselves.

Seanmichael Rau's first pole dance was during amateur night at a bar in Cairns, Australia. He won a $40.00 tab and a high that stuck with him for years. Fast forward to Dec. 2011 when he accompanied a friend to her beloved Pole Fitness class. He took naturally to the apparatus and purchased his first pole after exhausting every stop sign within walking distance on the way home. Since then, Seanmichael has traveled the world teaching, performing, and earning both national and world titles as a professional competitor.

Natalie Rhae decided to shelve the collegiate artistic gymnastics track and embrace the circus arts. Gymnast turned pole-dancer, hand-to-hand balancing flyer, and contortionist, Natalie Now performs with many circus groups around the Bay Area and LA. Natalie has been coaching flexibility, contortion, gymnastics, tumbling, yoga, and pole for over 10 years. In 2015, she traveled to Mongolia with peers to study contortion from famous Mongolian contortionists with her own world-renowned coach Serchmaa Byamba. Natalie currently studies the art of hand-balancing with Guinness Record Breaker Leslie Tipton. Natalie's classes are open to all-levels.

Kirsten Gerding is a proud graduate of the Baltimore School for the Arts and has taught Pole Dance/Fitness since 2009. In 2014 Kirsten started to compete and has won several Pole awards including Dramatic Pole Theatre USA 2015 (amateur). Not only a Pole Artist, Kirsten has toured with Jesus Christ Superstar, A Chorus Line and Cabaret and is also known in the circus/cabaret world as “Mz K”  where she is a soloist with San Francisco's amazing Vau De Vire Society.  With such an extreme background in dance combined with her knowledge of Pilates her teaching style tends to be both challenging and fun. Kirsten emphasizes the importance of core strength with her students, especially as it relates to creating a strong and resilient body with flow and grace. She is extremely grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with others every day doing what she truly loves to do!