What do I bring to class?

Below is a list of what to bring with you to class:
Please do not apply lotion on the day of your pole class (you will slide off the pole).  No jewelry on hands and arms.

sporty short shorts (no denim or shorts with metal)
sports bra
leg warmers  
a long sleeve shirt for floor work
knee pads - optional
a positive attitude
and a sense of humor!​

Should I bring my Heels?

Heels are optional for all classes but are required for Stiletto Strength.

Do I need to sign up in advance or can I drop in to class?

You are required to sign up online through Mind Body in order to take class.  We have a limited amount of space and once you sign up that reserves your spot in class.

What if I'm late to class?

We have a strict no late entrance policy to protect our students from injury and to avoid disruptions.

​ I have no upper body strength or dance background, is that a problem for me?

Not at all. You will build the strength and the movement skills over time. We suggest you try a beginning class first and work your way up when you feel comfortable. Check out our students testimonials for others experiences at our studio.

What are the Rates?

All single classes-$30.00
10 class package-$250.00
20 class package-$450.00
30 class package-$600

Is my first class discounted?

Introductory 10 class package (available to first time students only) $120.00
(All class packages expire 3 months from date of purchase)