Here at Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole we would like to encourage a diverse environment in the pole community through the support of individuals who identify as belonging to an underrepresented and/or marginalized group. Statistics show a clear link between a person’s race and ethnicity, and their access to a quality education. This sheds light on the opportunity gap that exists for some people. To remove barriers for fuller participation from all students regardless of background we must first accept and acknowledge this truth. The rising cost of classes for this particular art form may be a contributing factor for prohibiting low income households and individuals from participating in a pole dance education. This scholarship is, therefore, being offered to facilitate support for those who need it. We are dedicated to providing an opportunity for individuals to discover pole and to help guide them on their own pole journeys. We are hopeful that inspiring a change in our landscape will help build a more inclusive dance community. 

Scholarships are available to anyone interested in pursuing a pole journey and belong to an underrepresented and/or marginalized group. Potential scholarship recipients are required to apply online. Scholarship recipients are then required to attend 2 classes a week of their choice and to dedicate to those times. You will not be responsible for being an ambassador or an educator of others. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to focus on getting the most out of their education and will have no special duties or obligations apart from attendance, participation to their comfort, and giving us feedback on their experience.

A note from Kirstin Brown, Phoenix’s owner,  “I’ve participated in many styles of dance and pole by far has been the most accepting of my body, skin color and individuality.  I want to extend that reach so that others can find their voice, find the love of pole, grow our Phoenix family and broaden the pole community. This is not a hand out, I see this as an investment in the future of pole and creating more diversity in the art I love.”

Award Details

Welcome orientation and additional support from staff or teachers

2 Classes per week for 6 months

Photoshoot for online profile and bio on website

Exit interview to talk about your experience?

Option to perform in the Student Showcase

Monthly Check ins

1 Private Lesson with Kirstin Brown (studio owner)

Eligibility Requirements

Belong to an Underrepresented and/or Marginalized group

Submit application online

Demonstrate Financial need

Is able to commit to 2 classes per week for six months

Must be 18+


Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole will award scholarships at its discretion and when funds are available. 

Applications will be reviewed by a set of diverse reviewers in the pole dance community and/or by the PDS team.

Phoenix Diversity Scholarship