Class Descriptions

Pole Basics (Level 1)
This class is designed to give those students who are new to Pole Dancing a thorough introduction to pole movement and basic pole techniques. Experienced students are also welcome to come and brush up on your basics. It is never a bad idea to review and refine your basic skills!

Spin Pole Basics (Level 1)
Time to take your pole moves to the next level! This class is great for the student that wants to fly in a new direction and add some spin to their technique. We will concentrate on fluid transitions of movement on a spinning pole as well as learning new tricks that translate well while spinning. 

Exotic Choreo (Level 2)
Come slink around with us in Exotic Choreo! This class unlocks new combinations that take us deep into the Exotic pole style through fluid transitions and choreography. Be prepared for heel clacks and body rolls of all kinds! Stilettos encouraged! Your knees should be covered so Knee Pads and/or Leg Warmers are HIGHLY recommended for this class. Must have a strong Fan Kick as well as a Solid Climb and Sit.

Exotic Erotic (Level 2)
This class is all about finding your inner vixen with intense focus on the sensual movements of pole dance and sexy floorwork. We'll be breaking down and learning new ways to slink across the floor, move/spin around the pole, twerk, grind and overall be sexy power houses! Each class starts with a stretch/sensual warmup paired with quick but effective lower body and booty exercises. Then be ready to "twerk it out" to hip hop, trap, reggaeton and rap with everyone in class as we break down twerking and all of its magic! When it's time to get to the poles we'll be learning a new sexy exotic routine each week so that you leave class with new challenges and moves for your pole/floorwork repertoire every time you come! All levels, ages, shapes and sizes welcome! 

Choreography  (Level 2)
Drop it, Flip it, Roll it, Shift it..... This class is designed to connect your pole movement with elements from many dance styles. We will focus on musicality, transitions, floor work, flow, timing & choreography. Whether you have all the tricks or not, lets start working on connecting the dots! This is a movement focused class that is attainable to everyone. 
***Leg Warmers AND Knee Pads highly recommended***

Pole Combos  (Level 2)
This is a 75 minute long, warm and supportive class which provides a foundational vocabulary for pole movement. This class is for people of all levels, ages, sizes, shapes and genders to gain strength, fluidity and a solid foundation in pole skills.  Each class will provide a warm-up, a skill building flow combination, a floorwork and free dance segment, and a conditioning segment.  You will develop phenomenal core and upper body strength and increase tone and flexibility overall. Our goal is to build a repertoire for each student that will allow them to express their inner everything!!!

Additionally, the Saturday class is an introduction to working in heels (recommended, but not required) and developing musicality and performance skills.  The goal is to not only develop your pole skill vocabulary, but performance skillset simultaneously.  We love putting on a show!

Stiletto Strength (Level 2)
Take your pole dancing to the next level and find your stiletto strength and showgirl grace!This class is built to get you comfortable and strong in your stilettos. We will focus on strength, flexibility, floor work, transitions and stiletto technique. (All levels-beginners welcome! Stripper style stilettos, minimum 6 inches, required for this class. Please ask instructors for details and recommendations on shoes.)  ***Leg Warmers AND Knee Pads highly recommended***

Expressive Freestyle (Level 2)
Take your pole skills, whether basic or more advanced, and fill them out with feeling! Connect to your sensuality and emotional responsiveness to unleash fully embodied, authentically expressive movement. A slow flowing warm up prepares you for pole and floor flow exercises and dance games to discover your unique dance personality and freedom in freestyle movement. Please come prepared to every class with layers of clothing - yoga pants, long leg warmers, and short or long sleeve shirt - for skin protection in floor flow and for practice stripping away outer layers to reveal your pulsing vibrant core! All levels welcome.

Showgirl Exotic (Level 2-3)
This class focuses on all the sexiness of Exotic technique with the sultry elegance of Showgirl aesthetic. Each week learn a new fluid combination that will have you feeling like a sensual goddess/god involving stiletto technique, transitions, flexibility and strength! Stilettos required. Your knees should be covered so Knee Pads and/or Leg Warmers are HIGHLY recommended for this class. Must have a strong Fan Kick as well as a Solid Climb and Sit.

Tricks and Transitions (Level 3)
This is a technical skill building class for specific pole movements and tricks. We will focus on pole skill sets organized by orientation to the pole and expand upon them as you build the strength, flexibility and technique you need to perform your favorite moves and then integrate them into your dance. (Experience recommended)

Spin Pole (Level 4)
This is an Intermediate/Advanced Spin Pole class that focuses on “stop and go” techniques, explores floor transitions, choreography, and aerial combinations. This class is designed to help you understand how to make your spin pole combos fly free! (Proficiency in climbing and inverting are pre-requisites for this class)

Aerial Conditioning (All levels)
This class engages every joint and major muscle group, aiming to increase the stability and strength necessary to fully develop the greatest range of flexibility and balance. The class begins with a full head to toe warm-up followed by stabilizing and strengthening exercises. The core focus of the class will be on hand balancing techniques and conditioning.

Active Stretching (All Levels)
With the use of props (straps, blocks, etc.) every other week this class focuses on leg flexibility or back flexibility and inversions (head stands, elbow stands and/or handstands.)  Along with flexibility, this class equally enforces the importance of strength and stability while pushing past your limits.

Belly Dance (All Levels)
This class is all about shaking and shimming, you will learn to vibrate, twist and choo choo your way across the floor.  We will go over snake arms, isolationsand combinations of signature belly dance moves.  This is a group orientated class so you will have a chance to dance as a group and individually.  We work on little choreographies and also take time to freestyle.  If you want something different and fun, this is the class for you!!  All levels welcome.

Sensual Indulgence (All Levels)

This is a class tailored to the exploration of the sensually indulgent side of Pole. A class built to help you unleash the erotic side of yourself through movement and music that invites you to slide glide and roll around the pole with provocative intention. Be ready to slow things down through guided movement that entices your audience and helps you connect to your primal sexual self. This class will explore sexy choreo partnered with exercises to help achieve fluid graceful dancing and of course free dance to unleash individual sensuality without boundaries. Leg warmers and knee pads a must so that we can explore grounded movement along with flying freely on the Pole. All levels welcome! 

Sexy Beast Werk (All Levels)
Sexy Beast Werk is an all levels choreography based heels class focusing on learning to count music, embody the mood of a song, and develop your inner Sexy Beast.  We do everything from floorwork to chair work to standing work.  Let your inner Sexy Beast out through musicality, eye-popping tricks, and flowing between strength and sensuality.  Each class will learn between 30-60 seconds of choreography after a full body warm up.  Heels are not required, but the are highly encouraged! Come find out what Sexy Beast Werk is all about and join the Sexy Beast Army with Jayded Movement. 
*Please note there there is a separate class package for these dance only classes. There is no pole work in this class. You can buy a single Sexy Beast Werk class or a 5 class Sexy Beast Werk package. 

All single classes-$30.00
10 class package-$250.00
20 class package-$450.00
30 class package-$600

Monthly Unlimited-$249/month

Introductory 10 class package (available to first time students only) $120.00
(All class packages expire 3 months from date of purchase)

Open Pole-$15 per session (not included in membership or other class packages) You must be a current student and have verbal permission from studio owner or instructor in order to sign up for open pole.

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